“40 and Fabulous: A Nostalgic Journey Through Shakira’s Captivating Moments on Film”

1st Annual Latin Grammy Awards

Back in 2000, Getty Images became enamored with a fiery snapshot featuring a person dressed in vivid red attire. This particular photo happens to be among the dozen images that now make up their coveted collection.

2001 MTV Video Music Awards – Arrivals

Back in 2001, a daring celebrity made a fashion statement at the VMAs. The outfit was a combination of fur and leather, showing that they were fearless when it came to trying something new. This ensemble definitely made waves on the red carpet and is still remembered as one of the most iconic looks from the event.

Shakira Performing At Tower Records Sunset In Support Of Her New Album “Laundry Service”

Back in 2002, this person embodied the ultimate rockstar look that was flawlessly captured by Getty Images.

Columbian singer songwriter Shakira performing her Tour Of The Mongoose in Barcelona

In 2002, a state of flow was attained, as depicted in the fifth image of a series of twelve by Getty Images.

2005 MTV Video Music Awards – Show

In 2005, I was fortunate enough to take the stage at the VMAs, an experience that will always stay with me. I can distinctly recall how anxious I felt before the performance, but once I stepped onto that stage, all my nerves vanished. The atmosphere was electric, and I had this indescribable feeling that nothing could stop me. Reflecting on that night, I’m filled with gratitude for what it taught me about my art and myself.

Y100.7 Jingle Ball 2005 – Show

Back in 2005, Shakira demonstrated that her hips do not lie. Getty Images has a snapshot of her proudly showing off her figure as proof.

Photo of SHAKIRA

Back in 2007, a captivating moment was captured on stage where a performer was completely engrossed in the music. The photo beautifully portrays how the artist was completely lost in the art of sound and may have found themselves in an alternate world. This picture perfectly showcases the magic of music and how it has the potential to take us on a journey beyond our wildest dreams.

Rock In Rio Madrid – Day 2

Back in 2010, a mesmerizing photo captured her flaunting her toned abs. The image, taken by Getty Images, was truly remarkable and left an impression on many.

Shakira in Concert at Madison Square Garden – Show

Back in 2010, she wowed the crowds with her exceptional bull-fighting abilities, which were beautifully captured by Getty Images. It was indeed an unforgettable moment that highlighted her distinct set of skills.

Shakira Performs In Concert In Barcelona

In a photograph taken by Getty Images in 2011, the subject appears remarkably motionless and beautiful.

102.7 KIIS FM’s 2014 Wango Tango – Show

Back in 2014, everybody was obsessed with finding the perfect pair of jeans that fit just right. Getty’s pictures showed how everyone was rocking this trend and it’s not hard to see why: nothing beats a pair of jeans that make you feel confident and comfortable. Don’t let this fashion moment pass you by!


Capturing her eternal allure, the individual who received the crystal award at the World Economic Forum in January seems to have defied the effects of time. The photograph taken by Getty Images perfectly conveys her graceful persona and undying enchantment.

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