Angelina Jolie ‘loved’ the tattoo Dear Evan Hansen actor had done of her FACE as she meets the superfan at his West End show

In a heartwarming moment that left fans awestruck, Angelina Jolie recently met a superfan during a West End show of ‘Dear Evan Hansen.’ What made this encounter truly special was the superfan’s way of expressing his admiration for the iconic actress.

The superfan, who happens to be an actor in the play, had a tattoo of Angelina Jolie’s face inked on his arm. The tattoo, an intricately detailed and lifelike portrait of the actress, was a symbol of his deep appreciation for her work and her impact on his life.

During the play, Angelina Jolie had the opportunity to meet this devoted admirer. The actress was not only touched by the tattoo but also genuinely ‘loved’ the tribute he had paid to her. Their encounter became a symbol of the profound connection that art and cinema can create between individuals.

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