“Angelina Jolie Spreads the Buzz about Beekeeping to Children in Mexico”

Angelina Jolie, a well-known advocate for bee preservation, organized a special class in Yucatan, Mexico for school children to learn about the endangered Melipona bee. This event was held in honor of World Bee Day and photographs from May 22 show the Hollywood star dressed in a simple white dress, enthusiastically teaching the students about this non-venomous breed of bee. Utilizing captivating visuals, Angelina adeptly led the class and answered their questions. The students from a public school in the Yucatan peninsula actively participated, making the session both educational and engaging.

Angelina Jolie in a bee class in Mexico. PH๏τo: Instagram Guerlain

In 2021, UNESCO launched an initiative called Women for Bees that aimed to train and empower women beekeepers around the world. Angelina Jolie was chosen as its ambassador, adding yet another feather to her cap as a Guerlain Bee ambassador. She has been actively participating in various bee conservation campaigns, including the Bee school program, which educates students worldwide about the crucial role bees play in our ecosystem. Her travels to France, Cambodia, and Mexico allowed her to witness firsthand the importance of bees. She has shared her experiences and pictures, drawing attention to the plight of these crucial creatures.

Angelina Jolie happily teaches and interacts with children during the lesson. PH๏τo: Instagram Guerlain

Angelina Jolie is expanding her interests beyond acting by engaging in a variety of different projects. In addition to advocating for bee preservation and promoting fragrances, Jolie has started her own fashion label named Atelier Jolie. This brand has an eco-friendly focus by upcycling second-hand clothing and leftover materials, all made by talented migrant seamstresses and artisans. Additionally, Jolie is passionate about humanitarian causes, including helping migrants, supporting women’s empowerment, and campaigning for children’s rights.

angelina jolie cho chim sơn ca Đức

chương trình học của angelina jolie and guerlain bee

chương trình học của angelina jolie and guerlain bee

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