“Behind the Scenes: The Stunning Cost of Maintaining Michael Jordan’s Superyacht Every Week”

Due to his love for extravagant boats, Michael Jordan, who used to play for the Chicago Bulls, purchased a yacht called “Joy” for a whopping $80 million. However, he now has to shell out $800,000 every week or $3.2 million a month just to maintain the vessel.

In 2003, Jordan stepped down from the bench and shifted his focus towards growing his wealth. Fast forward to 2016, he made a significant purchase when he acquired the “Joy” – a superyacht that spans 230 feet in length and 10 feet in width. The luxurious vessel boasts eight rooms, a theater, an indoor jacuzzi, a spa, and a restaurant. Furthermore, it features a penthouse suite, an executive office, and an incredible terrace that provides a stunning panoramic view.

Furthermore, Jordan invested a considerable amount of money into building his own basketball court and gymnasium to maintain his physical fitness while reminiscing about his past accomplishments on the court.

To keep the ship’s capability to hold 12 passengers, a team of 19 permanent staff is required. Jordan, who is known for his sharp business acumen, has found another way to make money from the boat. He rents it out to the person who offers the highest bid, and the weekly rental price is $840,000. Although “Joy” is the most extensive yacht in Michael Jordan’s fleet, he has also purchased the notorious “Mr. Terrible” for $21 million in 2022. This second yacht is 154 feet long and has an indoor bar, dining area, and outdoor deck for enjoying meals in the open air.

Despite having sold one of his yachts, basketball legend Michael Jordan still owns a luxurious yacht called the “Catch 32” worth approximately $7 million. While primarily used for fishing, the vessel is considered a high-end luxury item. Jordan’s net worth of $3 billion has earned him a spot on the Forbes 400 list of the wealthiest people in the US. He also holds a share in the Miami Marlins baseball team and has been endorsed by major brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, Chevrolet, and McDonald’s. Additionally, he has previously owned the Charlotte Hornets basketball team and has control over both a restaurant group and a car dealership group that includes Nissan franchises.

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