“Bold and Braless: Jennifer Aniston’s Fashion Statement in the Buzzing Streets of NYC”

Jennifer Aniston went braless on the set of her new movie “Squirrels For The Nuts” in NYC and looked flawless. Despite the heat, Jennifer wore a fedora and sunglasses that made her look cool and stylish. She wore jean shorts and a purple tee that allowed her to show off her beautiful figure. Recently, she was seen wearing loose-fitting clothes which sparked pregnancy rumors, but this outfit proved she had nothing to hide.

Jen from Horrible Bosses has been seen going braless again, and who can blame her in this hot weather? It’s not the first time she’s gone without underwear in public, but she pulls it off effortlessly. Regardless of whether she wears a bra or not, she still looks fantastic! What’s your opinion on stars opting for comfort over support? Share your thoughts with us and don’t forget to vote!

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