Emma Watson: Social Media Shortens Childhood and Steals Our Innocence

Growing up too fast: Actress Emma Watson, pictured at the Cannes launch of her new film The Bling Ring, claims social media is destroying childhoods by robbing young people of their innocence

Actress Emma Watson, who was spotted at the Cannes premiere of her latest film The Bling Ring, has expressed her concerns about social media destroying the innocence of young people and making them grow up too fast.

Emma Watson plays a pole-dancing socialite jailed after her friends were caught bragging about their crimes online in The Bling Ring

In her latest movie, The Bling Ring, Emma Watson takes on the role of a socialite who ends up behind bars after her friends were caught boasting about their illegal activities on the internet. The character is also a pole dancer in the film.

Piercing: Emma Watson says teens are 'shortening' their childhoods by constantly using social networks

According to Emma Watson, teens nowadays are cutting short their childhood by spending too much time on social media platforms.

Classy: Emma Watson, pictured with Israel Broussard, wore a floor-length black and white gown to the Cannes premiere

Stylish: Emma Watson looked stunning at the Cannes premiere while posing with Israel Broussard. She was dressed in an elegant black and white gown that flowed all the way to the ground.

Under pressure: Watson argued that photographs being placed on websites such as Facebook and Instagram is making girls more paranoid about their looks at a younger age

Watson expressed her concern about the impact of posting photos on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. She noted that this trend is causing young girls to become more self-conscious about their appearance at an early age.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson

Concerns: According to Miss Watson, there is a growing concern that adolescents are excessively engaging with social media platforms.

Director Sofia Coppola, pictured right next to Emma Watson, said her new film demonstrates the impact of social media and how some young people will now do anything for notoriety

Sofia Coppola, the director of the film, was seen alongside Emma Watson in a photograph. Sofia mentioned that her latest movie showcases the influence of social media and the extent to which some youngsters are willing to go for fame.

Under the spotlight: Emma Watson was just nine-years-old was she was cast in the Harry potter films alongside Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe

Emma Watson, at the tender age of nine, made her debut in the Harry Potter franchise alongside Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint. Her performance in the series has put her under the limelight.

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