Emma Watson’s Reflections on Belle’s Iconic Yellow Gown in Beauty and The Beast: The Emotions of Wearing it

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GLAMOUR recently watched Beauty and The Beast and let us tell you, it’s absolutely fantastic! Belle’s iconic yellow dress is simply breathtaking. Emma Watson shared with us her experience of wearing the stunning ball gown, describing it as “perfect” and a “dream” to dance in.

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During an interview, Emma’s fellow actor, Dan Stevens, shared that his daughter offered her thoughts on the dress worn by Emma. In fact, she even created some sketches of her own designs for Emma to consider. How adorable! Check out the interview video below…

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Created by Jacqueline Durran, an Academy Award-winning costume designer, the costumes for all the characters in the movie were meticulously crafted. The most challenging piece was Belle’s iconic ball gown, as fans adored her classic yellow dress from the animated film. Countless conversations were held about its appearance, color, and fabric in order to recreate the beloved look for the live-action adaptation.

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Jacqueline explained that the dress in our film was chosen to be yellow as a tribute to the animated version. The goal was to put a unique spin on it by incorporating more details and making it look like a realistic outfit. The final dress was made from numerous layers of lightweight satin organza in a yellow hue (a total of 180 feet), cut in a wide circular shape, and stitched together using 3,000 feet of thread.

Emma Watson as belle

The highest two tiers were embellished with a delicate gold leaf design mirroring the intricate detailing of the ballroom’s Rococo flooring, and adorned with an impressive 2,160 shimmering Swarovski crystals.

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