“Fairy Tale Comes True: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Attend Maleficent Reception”

Angelina Jolie, who plays the infamous horned fairy in the forthcoming Disney film Maleficent, looked absolutely gorgeous instead of fearsome when she made an appearance with her partner Brad Pitt on Thursday night. The duo attended a private gathering held at Kensington Palace that featured various costumes and props from the movie. This event was arranged to raise funds for the Great Ormond Street hospital and was graced by other stars from the film, including Elle Fanning, who portrays Sleeping Beauty Aurora, and Sam Riley, who takes on the role of Diaval.

At a recent private reception for Disney’s latest movie Maleficent, Angelina Jolie’s appearance was a complete contrast to her role as the wicked character in the film. The actress arrived with Brad and the couple looked absolutely stunning and poised at Kensington Palace.

As they prepared to attend an exhibition displaying costumes and props from their recent film, Angelina was captivated by her partner. She couldn’t resist admiring him and even reached out to touch him while taking photos on the blue carpet. The gorgeous actress wore a stunning black gown adorned with dazzling embellishments, which showcased a deep V-neckline and a low back cut. Brad accompanied her in an all-black ensemble, matching her elegance and poise. Their eldest son, Maddox Jolie-Pitt, joined them at the event as a special treat, despite not appearing in the movie.

The exclusive Maleficent event held at Kensington Palace was graced by a notable guest, Maddox Jolie-Pitt accompanied by his celebrity parents Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Wow, this is so stylish! The palace made for the perfect setting for such a prestigious event.

Offer a warm embrace: Despite the passage of time, Brad and Angelina seem to still be very much in love with each other.

Brad expressed his constant support towards Angelina by lovingly touching her and motivating her to give her best effort. He encouraged her to invest her energy into it with tender affection.

The beautiful couple couldn’t take their eyes off each other, and it’s easy to see why. Their pre-adolescent child was dressed impeccably in a chic outfit, sporting black skinny jeans and a stylish leather jacket paired with a bright red tie. His hair slicked back, he appeared thrilled to be in the presence of his parents. As they approached the palace, the mother placed a protective arm around him as Brad led the way. Accompanying them was 16-year-old actress Elle Fanning, whose attire was reminiscent of a fairy tale.

A powerful pair: They sported trendy black clothes while venturing out in London for an evening of fun.

Gaze Lock: It’s not unexpected that the stunning pair struggled to look away from one another.

Brad stepped away from his partner, giving her the opportunity to enjoy the spotlight of the red carpet. He decided to stay back and let her take center stage and shine brightly on her own.

Brad felt a strong sense of happiness as he observed Angelina showing off her gorgeous outfit. He had always been there to provide unwavering support for her.

The act of generosity is truly wonderful, much like how Brad Pitt recently shared the limelight with Angelina Jolie. At a recent event, Elle Fanning turned heads in a stunning lemon-colored strapless brocade dress, designed by Georges Hobeika. To complement her elegant up-do, she wore a beautiful floral headpiece. However, at another event, Elle opted for a patterned dress when she arrived in London via Eurostar. She was also seen exploring the streets of Paris, France. Her co-star in the upcoming film, Sam Riley, looked dapper in a dark grey suit, paired with a white shirt and blue tie. The film follows the story of a wicked fairy who curses a baby princess, but later realizes that the child may hold the key to bringing peace.

Jolie looked regal in her extravagant gown that gleamed with radiance.

With his children’s mother by his side, Brad emanated a sense of pride and joy that was evident in his beaming smile for the camera. His youthful spark shone brightly in his eyes, proving that he was still in top form.

Being the frontrunner in romance: This duo has been in a love affair since 2004, when they met on the set of the film Mr and Mrs Smith.

The performer consistently stuns on the red carpet, and despite the fact that a black dress may seem ordinary, she always manages to pull it off with ease. During a recent chat, Elle confessed to feeling slightly nervous when collaborating with Angelina Jolie, but eventually realized that she was just like everyone else once they met face to face. Angelina also reassured fans that the forthcoming flick would pay tribute to the original Disney cartoon from 1959. The movie is scheduled to hit theaters in the United States on May 30th.

Angelina Jolie displays her dark and mesmerizing side as she takes on the role of Maleficent, the villainous horned fairy in the movie of the same name. Through her captivating presence and edgy demeanor, Angelina completely embodies the character, making it a powerful and unforgettable performance.

Pitt appeared very fashionable as he sported a pair of shades at the occasion.

With huge grins on their faces, the duo sported an all-white ensemble that highlighted their sparkling teeth.

Say cheese! Elle Fanning, Lesley Manville, Angelina Jolie, and Sam Riley pose for a group photo.

Elle made a striking appearance on the blue carpet donning a breathtaking yellow gown that complemented her role as a princess in the movie Malificent. In a promotional video, she shared how the team worked hard to preserve the timeless tale while incorporating fresh elements into the film. Elle emphasized that the movie offers an exceptional and captivating narrative that diverges from conventional expectations. What’s fascinating is that Angelina’s kids also graced the screen – Vivienne played the young Princess Aurora, while Pax and Zahara made brief cameos.

As the rain poured down, the young actress glowed with excitement as she stepped out of her car.

Elle was filled with thrill as she beheld the exhibit of costumes and props from the film on display at the palace. The elaborate brocade patterns were what caught her attention the most.

During the glitzy event, Elle seized her moment to shine as she struck a pose in front of a promotional poster. Notable guests in attendance included talk show host Jonathan Ross and comedian Jimmy Carr. The event was elevated by fashion designer Stella McCartney’s stylish all-black ensemble. Chloe Green, daughter of Topshop owner, turned heads in a satin jumpsuit and silver fringed jacket from Kate Moss’s latest collection at the popular high-street store.

When Sam arrived at the gathering, he was accompanied by a beautiful woman with stunning brown hair.

It was such a delightful scene to witness the hilarious Jimmy Carr and his significant other, Karoline Copping, strolling side by side while holding onto each other’s arms.

Additional advantages beyond the typical worker privileges: Chloe Green arrived in a fashionable attire from Topshop’s clothing line, curated by Kate Moss, which drew attention.

It’s a delight to have Angelina join us at the reception and she appears to be ecstatic about being here.

Elle and Stella were an undeniable force of fashion, never failing to turn heads with their impeccable style.

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