Gal Gadot’s Upcoming Film ‘Cleopatra’ Set to Challenge Stereotypes and Offer a Fresh Perspective on the Queen.

Gal Gadot IS Cleopatra | Кинозвезды, Древний египет, Египет

In a recent conversation with Vogue Hong Kong, Gal Gadot spilled the beans about her forthcoming film featuring Cleopatra’s tale.

Fan Casting Gal Gadot as Cleopatra VII in Cleopatra The Queen of Egypt  (Biopic Movie) on myCast

Gadot, hailing from Israel, shared her fascination for the Queen of Egypt and her desire to transform the story that surrounds her.

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Gadot expressed her admiration for Cleopatra as a historical figure and a symbol of female empowerment, stating that she would love to bring her story to life on screen.

GAL GADOT Faz 38 Anos e Promete Causar como CLEÓPATRA – Cinemarcoblog

The writer aims to provide a new outlook on Cleopatra’s life and shed light on the lesser-known facets of her personality that have been overshadowed by her romantic relationships with Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony, which have been extensively portrayed in previous movies.

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