“Grand Canyon Getaway: Miley Cyrus Flaunts Her Stunning Figure Under the Sun”

Miley Cyrus flaunted her well-toned physique in a bikini during her recent vacation at the Grand Canyon. The singer shared an enigmatic caption about bidding farewell, adding to the mystery surrounding her trip. Cyrus has been soaking up the sun and enjoying her break at one of America’s most iconic destinations.

The singer shared some hot bikini snaps on her social media account. In the pictures, she can be seen wearing a tiny black bikini with a white vest on top, which was pulled up slightly to reveal her tattoos. Despite experiencing two heartbreaks in quick succession, Miley appeared carefree and content as she posed by a breathtaking pool surrounded by rocks. Her photos gave her ex-partners, Kaitlynn Carter and Liam Hemsworth, a glimpse of what they are missing out on.

She cleverly used her captions to send a playful message to her ex-partners, reminding them that they could never find someone better than her. The first caption read, “I’m a combination of masculinity and femininity that you could never handle,” inspired by a repost from Jonathan Larson shared by Sam Smith. Her second caption hinted at the difficulty of letting go of past relationships but also signaled her readiness to move forward: “Saying goodbye is always tough, but I’m ready to go.”

Miley Cyrus shared a joyful picture of herself dancing away from the camera, symbolizing her moving forward from her ex-partners. Fans expressed their support and excitement for the singer in the comments section. One fan praised Miley for living her best life, while another predicted that her former partners would be envious of her happiness. A third fan complimented Miley’s ongoing success.

A fourth person said “Happy Queen”, expressing their happiness towards someone. Miley recently took a break to enjoy nature amidst dealing with two breakups – the end of her eight-month marriage to actor Liam Hemsworth and her brief affair with Kaitlynn Carter that followed. The couple had been on and off for ten years before finally tying the knot, but they announced their separation last month. Shortly after, Miley was spotted kissing and holding hands with Kaitlynn, who had recently separated from her husband Brody Jenner, Caitlyn Jenner’s son, leading to rumors of infidelity during their marriage. However, Miley took to Twitter to clarify that these rumors were false and that she remained committed to Liam after reconciling. Despite moving in together after their romantic trip to Italy, Miley and Kaitlynn parted ways after a few weeks. According to an insider, Miley wanted to focus more on her career, but they continue to remain friends.

According to sources, they have been close friends for a long time and were supportive of each other during their respective separations. Kaitlynn seemed thrilled when Miley shared photos of her Las Vegas performance, leaving eager comments on them. Fans were quick to notice Kaitlynn’s comment on a photo of Miley with her tongue out and encouraged them to get back together. However, not everyone was supportive of the rumored relationship, with some speculating that it was just a publicity stunt.

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