“London Shoot: Gal Gadot and Sophie Okonedo Share Screen Space for ‘Heart of Stone’ at a Picturesque Park”

Gal Gadot is currently on set once again for her upcoming film project.

On a sunny Thursday afternoon in London, England, the lead actress and her fellow cast member, Sophie Okonedo, were spotted strolling through a park while shooting scenes for their upcoming film, Heart of Stone. At 37 years old, the actress looked effortlessly chic as she walked through the picturesque surroundings with her co-star.

Take a look at the most recent photographs of Gal Gadot.

During the breaks between filming, the female performers took a seat on a nearby bench and engaged in some friendly conversation.

Up until now, the details of the Heart of Stone storyline have been kept secret and there hasn’t been much information revealed to the public. Nonetheless, the film is being categorized as a suspenseful espionage flick.

A couple of weeks back, Gal was seen shooting some night sequences alongside her co-star Jamie Donan.

In case you didn’t catch it, Gal has recently posted some adorable and uncommon pictures featuring her three lovely daughters!

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