“Mother-Son Day Out: Angelina Jolie and Knox Take a Break Amid Legal Dispute with Brad Pitt”

Amidst reports of an old assault claim against her ex-husband Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie has been spending quality time with her son Knox in the sunny state of Florida. Back in 2016, Pitt was investigated by the FBI after an anonymous witness claimed that he had physically and verbally abused Jolie and their children on a private jet. However, the investigation was closed after he was cleared of any wrongdoing and denied all accusations at the time. Recently, it has been reported that Jolie was the one behind the anonymous complaint, alleging that Pitt grabbed her and shouted at her while drinking on the jet, causing an injury to her elbow. The newly-public FBI report also reveals that Pitt made a derogatory remark about one of their children. Before their split in 2016, Jolie and Pitt had six children together, and Jolie is now seen enjoying Universal Studios in Florida with her son Knox.

Jolie and her son Knox, who is 14 years old, had a fun day out at one of Florida’s popular attractions. The picture of their outing was captured by @CelebCandidly/Snorlax/MEGA.

The mother of six children, Angelina Jolie, seemed to forget about her legal problems as she enjoyed her visit to the studios. The celebrity was accompanied by her son, Knox, and they both appeared happy as they explored the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. They also stopped by shops to buy candy and a magic wand before enjoying a meal at The Three Broomsticks restaurant. Jolie looked stunning in a light and flowing white dress suitable for the Florida heat, while Knox dressed casually in a white T-shirt and jeans. The pair looked relaxed and happy as they spent time together.

During a one-on-one outing with his mother, Knox was given a souvenir to cherish (Photo: @CelebCandidly/Snorlax/MEGA). Despite her ongoing legal troubles, Jolie seemed to have a relaxing time with her youngest child. According to a newly-released FBI document, Pitt made a troubling comment about the Columbine shooting and allegedly proceeded to shake Jolie by grabbing her head and shoulders. Upon landing, he reportedly refused to let her leave the plane and cursed at her before storming off.

According to reports, Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt just a few days after an alleged incident occurred in 2016. Jolie reportedly said that the family was shocked during the flight and she felt scared and frozen. A source close to Pitt spoke out about the recent report, stating that Jolie had known about the information for almost six years and had even used it in previous legal proceedings. Therefore, filing an anonymous FOIA request for something she already possessed only causes unnecessary pain and benefits no one.

Initially, Jolie was awarded full custody of their children, but Pitt later won a legal battle for joint custody in 2021. The FBI released a statement stating they would not pursue further investigation after reviewing allegations made following a flight within the special aircraft jurisdiction of the United States that landed in Los Angeles carrying Pitt and his children. No charges were filed in the matter. Jolie filed for divorce from Pitt four days after the alleged incident. Under a temporary agreement, Jolie held full custody of the children while Pitt was granted “therapeutic visits.” However, after a lengthy court battle, Pitt was awarded joint custody of the children alongside his ex-wife in 2021.

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