Shakira Delights Fans from Balcony of Barcelona Home Amidst Reports of Ex-Partner’s Infidelity

Shakira delighted her admirers on a leisurely Sunday by waving at them from the balcony of her Barcelona residence. The singer appeared relaxed and comfortable in a matching white jumper and beanie hat. However, there have been reports that Shakira discovered her partner Gerard Pique’s infidelity when she returned home to find a jar of strawberry jam had been consumed in her absence.

Saying hello: Shakira took the time to wave at her fans on Sunday from the balcony of her Barcelona mansion

On a Sunday, Shakira showed her appreciation to her fans in Barcelona by waving to them from her balcony. In one of her music videos for the song “Te Felicito”, she mentioned strawberry jam and there was a shot of Rauw Alejandro’s face in an open fridge. ShowNews Today reported that Shakira realized someone else had been staying in their house when she noticed that the jar of strawberry jam had been consumed, knowing that her husband and children didn’t like it. Upon her return home from traveling, Shakira discovered that someone else had eaten the jam from her fridge.

Beaming: The Columbian singer, 45, looked happy and relaxed as she smiled down, wearing a white jumper and matching beanie

The famous Colombian singer, Shakira, was seen in good spirits and looking relaxed as she smiled at the crowd while wearing a white jumper and matching beanie. In her song “Te Felicito”, she references her relationship with Rauw by portraying him as a head in the fridge. Recently, Gerard announced his new girlfriend Clara Chia Marti, prompting Shakira to make a jibe at her in her latest diss track that has become a hit on the Spotify Global Charts. Rumors have also circulated that Shakira is building a wall to separate her home from her ex-mother-in-law’s house following her split from Gerard.

Happier times: Shakira and Gerard split in June 2022 after 11 years together and it is alleged he cheated with Clara (pictured 2014)

Shakira and Gerard ended their 11-year relationship in June 2022. Recent reports indicate that Shakira is planning to divide her Spanish property from her ex-in-laws’ property. She was recently seen working on her home in Barcelona with a cement mixer. In addition, Shakira made headlines by placing a frightening life-size witch doll on her balcony, which overlooks her ex-mother-in-law’s house. The singer recently released a diss track titled Shakira Bzrp Music Sessions 53 in Spanish, which was produced by Bizarrap.

She found what? Shakira realised her ex was having an affair when discovered a jar of strawberry jam (pictured) had been eaten while she was away (stock image)

According to reports, Shakira found out that her former partner was cheating on her when she discovered that a jar of strawberry jam had been consumed while she was away. Since then, locals have reported hearing Shakira playing a song loudly with lyrics aimed at his new girlfriend. The song includes lines directed towards the 23-year-old woman whom her ex-partner started dating last year before their break-up. In the song, Shakira makes it clear that she was referring to the woman with lyrics such as “I’m worth two 22’s” and “You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo. You traded a Rolex for a Casio.” Furthermore, Shakira also directed some lyrics towards her former mother-in-law, who Shakira alleges welcomed her son’s new relationship, which resulted in Shakira’s mother-in-law becoming her neighbor with pressure at the door and debt in the treasury.

Hard to miss! Shakira then went onto reference the strawberry jam in a music video for her single Te Felicito in April, which featured a clip of a head of her collaborator Rauw Alejandro

Did you notice it? Shakira made a playful reference to strawberry jam in her music video for the song “Te Felicito” that was released last April. The video features a brief clip of her collaborator, Rauw Alejandro, with a close-up of his head.

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