Shakira Stands by Her Artistic Expression: Despite Pressure, She Refuses to Alter Lyrics of Gerard Pique Diss Track.

Last year, Shakira’s separation from her partner of 11 years, Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué, caused quite a stir in the Spanish tabloids. While the split took a toll on her emotionally, it seems that Shakira has been able to channel her pain and heartbreak into her art. In the past 12 months, she has had six chart-topping hits, all of which refer to her breakup with Piqué and range in emotions from sadness to anger to hope for the future. This year alone, Shakira has scored two number one songs, including a diss track aimed at Piqué and an empowering anthem for women. Overall, it appears that Shakira has been using her music to exercise her demons and turn her heartbreak into something beautiful.

Open book: Shakira, 46, talks about her new musical renaissance following a string of hits that all allude to ex-Gerard Piqué following their messy spilt amid allegations of his infidelity

Shakira, aged 46, recently spoke about her music and how it reflects her emotions following her split with ex-partner Gerard Piqué amid allegations of infidelity. Two of her recent hits, TQG and Sessions, reached the Hot 100’s top 10, with Sessions reaching number one in 16 countries and on Hot Latin Songs. Shakira was asked about the controversy surrounding Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53, and whether it was right to discuss her relationship so publicly. She defended her lyrics, stating that she has the right to work through her emotions as an artist and lend her voice to women who may not have had the validation to express themselves. Shakira noted that the correlation between her family break-up and her musical resurgence is something she is aware of. She is currently in a survival stage, working hard and spending time with her children when possible.

Since announcing the split in June 2022, Shakira has had a string of six hits that all take aim at Piqué, 36; the former Spanish footballer, who retired last year, is pictured in June 2023

Ever since Shakira declared their split in June 2022, she has released six consecutive chart-topping hits that seem to be directed towards her ex-partner, Piqué, who is seen in a photograph taken in June 2023.

The way we were: The former couple, who split in 2022 after 11 years together, share two young sons Milán, 10, and Sasha, eight

The former couple, who called it quits in 2022 after being together for 11 years, have two young sons named Milán and Sasha. Shakira’s recent hits have overshadowed her last number one on the Hot Latin Songs chart, which was “Chantaje” with Maluma in 2016. It seems like her decline from the top of the charts over the past decade was a choice for someone who values putting their family and the life they built in Barcelona first. Shakira admitted in an interview that her priority was always her family and she believed in the phrase “till death do us part.” It was a dream she had for herself and her children, inspired by her parents’ love, which has lasted for over 50 years. Despite not achieving her dream, the singer knew she had to move forward and be strong for her kids. She has been busy in the recording studio in Miami since May, working on a new album and preparing for an upcoming tour. As she says, “If life gives you lemons, you have to make lemonade.”

Family life: Speaking to Billboard about her life after the split, Shakira detailed how she is managing to juggle raising her two sons and her revitalised music career (pictured 2023)

According to the Columbia artist, her recent collaborations with Bizarrap and Karol have had a positive impact on women, providing them with strength, empowerment, and the courage to speak their minds. These two hits also reference Piqué. The artist was recently spotted at the MTV VMAs with her two sons in September.

Moving forward: Since relocating to Miami in May, the pop superstar has been spending as much time as possible in the recording studio working on new music for a new album and subsequent tour; she is seen in February 2020

Looking ahead: Ever since she moved to Miami in May, the famous pop star has been dedicating most of her time to creating new music for her upcoming album and tour. Her last album, El Dorado, was released in May 2017, making this her twelfth album. El Dorado focused primarily on the singer’s relationship with Piqué, whom she met in 2011, and was inspired by her personal life and experiences. However, her new album is expected to center around moving on from heartbreak and enjoying her new life in Miami with her children while still referencing Piqué in the lyrics. As preparations for the tour continue, the pop star has expressed her excitement, declaring it to be the tour of her life. She admitted to previously having her foot on the brakes but now plans to press hard on the accelerator.

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