The Wonder Woman Breakthrough: How Playing Diana Prince Rescued My Acting Journey, According to Gal Gadot

Wonder Woman has been a great addition to the film industry as it allowed us to witness the exceptional performance of Gal Gadot on the silver screen. It’s something we should appreciate and be thankful for.

Gal Gadot: I was thinking about quitting acting when Zack cast me as Wonder Woman in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Wonder Woman’s release earlier this year had a significant impact on the superhero movie genre. The film dominated the box office and elevated Gal Gadot to household name status. Although she had appeared in Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice, it was her portrayal of Wonder Woman that captured audiences’ hearts. Gadot is set to return to the big screen in Justice League on November 13. In an interview, she revealed that she almost left Hollywood before landing the role of Wonder Woman. She also discussed working with director Zack Snyder and teased what viewers can expect from the upcoming film. The plot involves Diana assembling a team of superheroes to save the world from impending doom. Gadot found the experience of performing intense scenes in costumes surreal and frequently laughed on set. She also shared that she was pregnant during filming and struggled with morning sickness and migraines but is proud to be a part of both Wonder Woman and Justice League. Ultimately, she hopes that audiences enjoy the movie and appreciate the dynamics of the League working together.

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