“Unleashing Star Power: Miley Cyrus Dazzles in a Chic Black Jumpsuit on the 2018 Grammy Awards’ Red Carpet”

Miley Cyrus wowed everyone at the Grammys as she strutted in wearing an elegant black jumpsuit by Jean-Paul Gaultier. While this fact was originally obtained from x, additional information about her outfit and appearance may be available on various online sources or the official Grammys page.

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Getty Images snapped a remarkable moment in which Miley Cyrus confidently strutted down the red carpet, holding a white rose as a symbol of her support for the #metoo movement. This was an atypical move for the singer, considering that she had declared in an interview with ELLE in September 2016 that she wouldn’t attend any other red carpet events. Nonetheless, she made an exception to support her fiancĂ© Liam Hemsworth’s brother during the premiere of Thor in October.

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Strolling down the crimson rug, she ventured solo sans Hemsworth who was nowhere to be seen in any of the pictures. Although he didn’t make it to the event, he made sure to cheer her on virtually by double-tapping most of her Instagram posts related to her Grammy weekend adventures.

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