Anna Kendrick bids farewell to 2020, labeling it as a ‘decayed nightmare’

Anna Kendrick, like a lot of us, is more than ready to say goodbye to 2020. The 35-year-old actress from Pitch Perfect didn’t hold back her feelings as she welcomed the new year on December 31. Sharing a selfie from a hike, she didn’t mince words, saying, “2020, you have been a complete nightmare. I’m grateful to finally be rid of you, you terrible year.”

Bye bye!: Anna Kendrick, 35, said goodbye to 2020 in a new Instagram, dubbing it the year a 'nightmare' and a 'rotted b***h'

Farewell, 2020!: Anna Kendrick, 35, bid farewell to the past year in a recent Instagram post, calling it a ‘nightmare’ and a ‘rotted b***h’. In a casual outfit of a sweater and grey cap, she took an outdoor selfie with her face mask pulled down. Sporting a fresh face, she carried a cross body bag and let her strawberry hair flow down. It’s been a challenging year for everyone, but 2020 proved especially rough for Anna as it came to an end, with her Twitter account being hacked on December 12. Despite not being an active user on the platform, fans became suspicious when a string of offensive tweets – some even with racist undertones – were sent out from her account.

Swift recovery: When her twitter was hacked and covered with racist and other NSFW tweets, Kendrick responded with a sense of humor when the account was recovered as she thanked her hacker for a 'little anxiety'; December 15

Kendrick handled the situation of her hacked Twitter account with grace and humor when it was filled with inappropriate and offensive tweets. When she regained control of her account, she thanked the hacker for adding a little excitement to her day. This incident happened on December 15th.

Once the account was finally accessible again, the Love Life actress reacted to the situation with a touch of humor. “The amusing part about my brief Twitter hack is that old acquaintances I hadn’t heard from in years reached out to inform me about it. So, I guess I should thank my hacker for a little bit of stress, and for reconnecting me with my high school buddy James. Cheers.”

Known for being very guarded about her romantic life, Kendrick was last rumored to be in a relationship with British cinematographer Ben Richardson, whom she met during the filming of her movie Drinking Buddies in 2013. Despite the ongoing relationship, she keeps things low-key and has never shared any photos of him, although she does follow him on social media.

Private life: Though sassy on camera, Kendrick is notoriously private with her love life but has been dating cinematographer Richardson - who she met on set of 2013's Drinking Buddies - since 2014

Kendrick, known for her sassy on-screen persona, keeps her love life under wraps but has been in a relationship with cinematographer Richardson since they met on the set of Drinking Buddies in 2013. During the quarantine, she discovered a new interest in Lego building, showcasing her skills on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. She was surprised by how enjoyable it was and joked about her newfound love for Legos as a grown-up. Her latest project, Love Life, premiered on HBO Max on May 27, a comedy series focusing on dating blunders, which was renewed for a second season in June. Kendrick has also received acclaim for her voice work as Poppy in the successful Trolls animated films, which experimented with a digital release during the pandemic. Trolls World Tour raked in over $100 million in rental sales within just three weeks of its release.

Versatile: Musically trained in theatre, Kendrick has flexed her wide range of strengths from singing to comedy, across her films including Trolls, Pitch Perfect, and more serious roles like A Simple Favor; pictured 2018

Multi-talented: With a background in music and theater, Kendrick has showcased her diverse skills in various roles, from musicals like Trolls and Pitch Perfect to more dramatic performances in movies like A Simple Favor. This photo was taken in 2018.

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