“Love in the Spotlight: Gerard Pique Surprises Shakira with PDA-filled Barcelona Concert Appearance”

Fans who attended Shakira’s concert in Barcelona were treated to an unexpected surprise as the pop star took a brief pause in her performance to conduct an impromptu dance lesson for her boyfriend, Gerard Pique, and his fellow teammates. The audience was thrilled as they watched the couple perform a routine that ended with a heartwarming embrace between the two, despite the age gap of ten years. The delightful moment took place at the Lluis Campanys Olympic Stadium.

Very public display of affection: In May Shakira and her boyfriend showed off their love for one another on stage in Barcelona

In a show in Barcelona earlier this year, Shakira and her partner did not shy away from public displays of affection. They openly showcased their love for each other in front of all their fans.

Te quiero: The couple were very hands on during the show at the Lluis Campanys Olympic Stadium

During their performance at Lluis Campanys Olympic Stadium, the couple didn’t hold back from displaying their affection. Shakira utilized a brief intermission to share some of her seductive dance moves with the Barcelona players, producing a varied outcome. Her partner was the initial one to join her on stage, greeting her with a kiss and a warm embrace before showcasing his abilities. The audience was enthusiastic as Shakira invited other players like Xavi, Bojan Krkić, and Sergio Busquets to come forward and participate in the entertainment by lining up on stage.

Getting to the bottom of the matter: Gerard can't keep his eyes off his girlfriend's rear as she performs her signature hip shaking moves

Gerard is absolutely transfixed by his girlfriend’s derriere as he observes her performing her signature dance moves.

Song and dance: Pique and his team mates were celebrating their win over Manchester United in the Champions League final

After their victorious win against Manchester United in the Champions League final, Pique and his fellow teammates were soaking up the glory. As they paraded their coveted trophy through the streets of Barcelona, the excitement was palpable. During the celebratory festivities, pop sensation Shakira surprised the players with a dance lesson. In a gold mesh top, lycra leggings, and knee-high boots, she showed the football stars her signature moves. Although the players appeared slightly uneasy attempting to follow along, Shakira assured them it was an easy dance to learn.

Bottoms up: The Barcelona players try in vain to imitate Shakira's snake-hipped maneuvers

The Barcelona squad gave it a shot to imitate Shakira’s serpentine dance steps, but unfortunately, they didn’t quite hit the mark.

So you think you can dance?: The audience at Shakira's concert were overjoyed at seeing their victorious heroes on stage

Do You Have Dancing Skills?: The energy from the audience at Shakira’s concert was electrifying as they cheered for their beloved dancers on stage. Shakira noticed the excitement and decided to ask the ladies in attendance if they wanted to see more. Their response was enthusiastic, and the enthusiasm spread throughout the crowd. As the dancers prepared to leave the stage, Pique hugged his girlfriend from behind while the other footballers took their seats in the front row. Unexpectedly, Busquets suddenly fell to the ground, clutching his face.

On tour: Shakira went through a number of costume changes during the show which is part of her Sale el sol (The Sun Is Coming Out) tour

Shakira impressed her fans with numerous wardrobe changes during her Sale el sol (The Sun Is Coming Out) concert tour.

New supporter: Shakira previously supported Real Madrid but is now firmly behind her boyfriend's club, Barcelona

New supporter: Shakira previously supported Real Madrid but is now firmly behind her boyfriend's club, Barcelona

It has been reported that Shakira, who previously expressed her support for Real Madrid, has now become a dedicated fan of FC Barcelona, which is the club of her boyfriend Gerard Pique. The couple met in 2010 while shooting the music video for “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa),” Shakira’s song that was chosen as the official anthem for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, where Spain emerged as the winner. After her breakup with Argentine lawyer Antonio de la Rua earlier this year, rumors began circulating that Shakira was romantically involved with Pique. In March, she confirmed their relationship by posting a picture of them together on Twitter with a caption that read “I present to you my sunshine.”

Celebration: Barcelona's players pose with the Champions League and Spanish league first division trophies

The Barcelona team members are beaming with pride as they flaunt their well-deserved trophies for the Champions League and the highest level football league in Spain.

It's love: Shakira announced she was dating Gerard in March, just two months after her 11-month relationship with Argentine lawyer Antonio de la Rua came to an end

Back in March, Shakira let the world know that she was dating Gerard. This was after her split with Antonio de la Rua. Since then, she has developed a fondness for Barcelona football club. The pop star has been spotted at their games at the Nou Camp and even celebrated their victory over Manchester United at one of her concerts in the city. Shakira, who has taken home four Grammy awards, was performing as part of her Sale el sol tour in Barcelona where she was joined on stage by Gerard. The two shared a sweet moment, and she is set to perform in various Spanish cities, including Madrid on June 3.

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