Stephen Curry set a new NBA record for most three-pointers made (24) in the first four games of a season

With three-point record in sight, Curry has chance to fulfill destiny  Saturday

Stephen Curry, the NBA’s three-point maestro, has once again etched his name into the league’s history books by setting a remarkable new record. In just the first four games of the season, Curry has drained an astounding 24 three-pointers, showcasing his unparalleled shooting prowess.

Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry sets NBA record for three-pointers

Curry’s long-range shooting ability has always been a sight to behold, but this record takes it to an entirely new level. It’s a testament to his skill, dedication, and consistency on the court. His three-pointers aren’t just shots; they’re works of art, celebrated by fans worldwide.

NBA 3-pointers record: Warriors' Stephen Curry passes Ray Allen as all-time  leader | Sporting News

As he continues to rewrite the NBA record books, Stephen Curry’s legacy as one of the greatest shooters in the history of the game is solidified. His incredible feat in the first four games of the season is a reminder of the awe-inspiring moments that make basketball fans around the world stand up and cheer

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